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The East African Universities and Higher Education Directory

The Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) partnered with Blue Media Images in April 2014 to publish the East African Universities and Higher Education Reference Directory. This year we are doing the 3rd Edition of the publication which is a complete directory of East African Universities. The initiative supplements IUCEA’s efforts in enhancing access to information on universities and programmes they offer including other relevant information within the sector in the East Africa Community member countries.
The publication in the 3rd edition going forward will include the World Bank funded African Centers of Excellence (ACE II) Project. The directory cover among others:
a) The available university programs, intakes and requirements;
b) Scholarship listing in East African Universities;
c) University education costs in the region;
d) Careers in demand and suitability of university education to the job market needs; and
e) Editorial interviews/messages from Vice Chancellors and Heads of Institutions.
The publication is rich and it enhances data access to the public about university education, trends and shaping the future in East Africa. The print run is 200, 000 copies that are circulated to all IUCEA member universities, institutions of higher learning, high schools in the region, research institutes, libraries, leading supermarkets, leading news-stands, government institutions and agencies and corporates. This year’s publication theme is “Research and Innovation.”




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